OxyConciergerie Solutions : Team Building and Sailing Events

for your Company and employees 








As companies face a growing demand for recruiting their talents, Oxy2 Conciergerie considers Team Building and Sailing events as key loyalty programs that meet and enhance the needs of the employees. The scope of services around Sailing is defined with the Company and customized to its requirements. 



ViP  Events Team Building  / Sailing  Team 


Attendance of the  major Sailing Events on board of an exceptional boat (Clipper, Sailing Boat,..)

For your clients or your employees as a reward


a fully dedicated  skipper  staffed to manage and address the employees needs, as defined with their Company. 

Oxy2 Concierge will take care of your staffs personal to dos, while they focus on the job at hand before the training sessions and races.

Benefits and features


  • Promote focus at work
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • External Team (Oxy2 and its partners) in charge of all details
  • White-labelling solution
  • Sail experts will share their experience with your clients or employees
  • Prior the event, visit of our business manager to adress your concerns and employees ones.
  • Marketing and communication plan to promote your program and  drive awareness


  • Enhance employees satisfaction and loyalty
  • Regular visit of an Oxy2 representative  to adress your concerns and employees ones.
  • On site events to support sailing initiatives  and, together with marketing to promote the actions and results of the sailing team
  • White-labelling solution
  • Quaterly reporting and annual review of program results
  • Off site support from Oxy2 and its partners  accessbile via email, web or phone., to address questions of employees involved in the sailing team 


Presentation of Oxy2 Offer to Corporates

SNC_0023  oxy2_sailing_for_corporates  Oxy2 Sailing offer for Corporates : Team building, Sailing Teams, Corporate Social Responsability








Our partners and the quality of the service rendered to our clients are a strength for Oxy2. Quality checks are regularly performed both by our partners towards the services rendered on the field by their employees as well as by Oxy2 towards them. Oxy2 considers as key the training sessions offered to the employees and can be involved in the choice of tools/materials/...as well as equipments needed to train and/or for the services to be rendered.


Highly qualified service companies such as caterers, gift purveyors, and  ticket mediators extend the competency of Oxy2 Conciergerie. To accomodate the various interests of our clients and offer the most practical and cost effective solutions to business needs, we assemble a network of local and national service providers who are experts in their industries.